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Intern 911 Medical Calculators

Intern911 Medical Calculators was developed to help medical students and residents save time, utilize relevant formulas, and produce accurate results and calculations to minimize the need for medical students and residents to memorize countless formulas. This app provides 12 of the most widely used internal medicine and surgical calculators to help medical students look like superstars and residents get through a hard days work. The idea of this application is to help the user not only access the calculators with ease and quickness but also guide the medical professional. Each of the calculators is very user-friendly, allowing you to manipulate variables with the push of a button. Many medical students have reported the application to be extremely helpful in combining all the broad variables of a patient quickly and producing viable clinical guidance. This application is an essential tool for any medical student, resident, and/or other medical professional on wards or in an outpatient clinic.

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